Welcome to the Modeling Instruction Curriculum website developed by the Florida International University Physics Education Research Group. The materials presented here have been designed to assist instructors with implementing Modeling Instruction into their introductory physics classrooms.

The Modeling Instruction Curriculum is spread out over a span of 14 weeks, with a detailed guide provided for each individual week. These guides include an outline of how to apply Modeling Instruction to a specific topic, while also providing video examples and printable activity worksheets.

Another valuable resource to those new to Modeling Instruction, the glossary link provides explanations of the various terms that can be found throughout the guide. For further information on how to use the guides, as well more in-depth looks at some of the different aspects of Modeling Instruction, please visit the appendices link.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please send all inquiries to: eric.brewe@drexel.edu.