Modeling Curriculum Contributors

The University Modeling Instruction curriculum project has been a long term project involving a number of contributors. University Modeling Instruction has its origins in the High School Modeling Physics project from Arizona State University headed by David Hestenes. In 1998 Dwain Desbien and Eric Brewe took up the effort of adapting the materials from the High School Modeling Project to be suited for university physics classes. Since that time, curriculum development has happened in multiple strands at Florida International University’s Physics Education Research Group, as well as with Dwain Desbien at Estrella Mountain Community College.

The development of this page has been supported by NSF Grant DUE 1140706, additional curriculum development has been supported by NSF Grant DGE 1038321. The contributors have been:

Eric Brewe, Vashti Sawtelle, Daryl McPadden, Renee Michelle Goertzen

Jason Dowd, Renee-Michelle Goertzen, Idaykis Rodriguez, Geoff Potvin, Seth Manthey, Jared Durden, Adrienne Traxler, Remy Dou, Eric Williams, Laird Kramer, David Jones, Natan Samuels, Camila Monsalve, Daniela Gil, and John Pendas.